Top Tips for Summer

What better way to get summer ready than to start with reviving our tired skin! To get that fresh, dewy summer glow we have put together a few tips for that perfect summer skin.

Number one on our agenda is to keep our skin hydrated, make an extra effort to drink plenty of water, not only does this hydrate your skin but it also flushes out toxins from the body.

A light textured fluid moisturiser is a must for summer and to allow your favourite day cream to work its best for you. It's essential do a weekly exfoliation. Not only does exfoliating immediately give the skin a glorious boost of radiance but removing the dead skin also serves to allow impurities out of the pores and enables your favourite skincare products to work into deeper layers of the skin reaching the cells at their newest, resulting in a glowing complexion!

Follow this up with a deep cleansing clay mask to decongest or a soothing hydrating mask to plump up the skin cells. A refreshing mist toner is a must in the warmer months. Spritz onto the face after cleansing and showering to tighten and tone the pores. It's also super handy to keep in your bag throughout the day to freshen up the skin.

Not forgetting the body, Dry Skin Body Brushing is a great method of detoxing, it stimulates the circulatory systems to remove cellulite and external benefits include the removal of dead skin cells and a more toned appearance to the skin.

Always brush upward towards the heart. Shower with an organic body wash to remove impurities and maintain the detoxification process. Then follow up with an organic oil or lotion to help keep your skin hydrated and glowing for Summer!

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