Bathhouse Spa now stocks Bioline Jatò

We are delighted to announce that we now stock Bioline Jato.
Bioline Jato’s Global Anti-Aging Project integrates the Seasonal Biorhythms of your skin and your skin needs, to provide a balanced diet all year round, which will nourish and maximise your skins true potential.
Each client recieves a skin consultation which will provide solutions to your specific concerns, whether triggered by endogenous or exogenous causes, or indeed temporary blemishes.
Our Skin Specialists are professionally trained to be able to identify your skin needs and design a programme of treatments based on their findings.
We promise you wont be disappointed, as not only are Bioline’s formulations so advanced with medical developments, but are further enhanced by the specific maneuvers in our unique massages  and operating schemes, so you are guaranteed results without compromise of a total wellbeing experience.
To see our treatment menu please click here or to book a treatment with our Skin Specialist please dial 046-9030900 or email

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